This report highlights the various top categories in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry and the top brands that consumers are looking for in those categories. It helps the brand to measure product affinity and popularity, a keen insight into a brand’s position in the battle for market share. 

  We have grouped consumers into key demographics(age, gender, and location)  in every category, and this report will assist in identifying how these demographics affect the product choices and brand offerings in the eyes of the target audience.

The entire report is divided into categories and each category is sub divided into sectors.

Top Trending

The top trending report identifies the current trend in the market by categorizing the brands that are at the top of mind of its consumers. It can provide brands without enough information and insight into the brands’ market affinity for a particular period. It is also an indirect indication of a brands’ share of the market.

Performance by location

 This section shows the top brands consumers are searching for in different locations. It can be used to measure brand presence in a location. it also helps to identify the competition for each brand in every location according to category.

Questions this report can help brands answer 

  1. where are my consumers?
  2. who is my competition?
  3. what is my share of the market ?
  4. what areas do i perform the most ?

Questions this report cannot answer

  1. why is my competition preferred ?
  2. what can i do to increase market share ?

Consumer Demographics

The consumer demographics section gives users an insight into customer categorization. It introduces the brand to the target audience. Who they are, their age group, sex and their earning power. 

This section can help a brand see how to give its consumers the right price for each product offering.

Questions this report can help brands answer

  1. Who is my audience ?
  2. Can my audience afford my brand ?
  3. what is the age group of my consumers ?
  4. What is the male:female ratio of my consumers ?
  5. Where is my competition leading ?

Questions this report cannot answer

  1.  how do I strike a perfect balance between value and price ?
  2. How can I target another age group ?
  3. why is my competition leading ?
  4. what do consumers think of my brand ?

Comparisons across audience groups

This section of the report gives a higher in-depth level analysis along the KYC initiative. It  breaks down the top brands consumers are looking for by age groups, sex (Male, female), SEC (upper, middle and lower) and Residence (Urban, rural).

Questions this section can help you answer

  1. Who is my audience ?
  2. where can i find them ?
  3. How does their earning power affect their preferences ?

Questions this section cannot answer

  1.  what kind of promotions would appeal to my target audience ?
  2.  How is my product price perceived in different residences ?
  3.  How can I meet my audience half way ?

Top leadership segments

This section gives you a head-to-head comparison between the top 2 leading brands in a category and the segments that are driving them.

Questions this report can help you answer

  1.  who is the leading brand ? 
  2. which area is the brand leading ?
  3. What age group in this area ?
  4. what is the income level of the leading age group in this area ?
  5. who is the challenger ?
  6. what segments are driving them ?

Questions this report cannot answer

  1. why is the leading brand not my brand ?
  2. what is the leading brand doing that my brand is not ? 
  3. how can i be a worthy challenger ?
  4. how do i offer more value ?

Most often than not, the answers to these questions are vital to the success of a brand.

Users of this Report

For brands

  • looking to identify new opportunities in the market, this report can be used to identify the right market and the right campaign with which to sell your brand.
  • looking to target the right promotions with a constrained marketing budget, this report will clearly show you where your market is and where it is not. If the goal is to increase your market share or retain your consumers, you will be getting the full value for your budget spend no matter the constraint.
  • looking to arrest declining market share, this report can help you clearly identify your areas of high losses and also show you the market strength of your competition in different territories
  • looking to identify your competition, this report can show you the competition and tell you where they are in different markets and categories so brands can come up with better strategies to compete.
  • looking for insight into consumer preferences, This report can also help you see why your consumers prefer the competition (price, taste, promotions etc) so you can pivot your brand(s) or promotions accordingly.

For investors (High net worth individuals)

  • Looking for areas of opportunity in the retail environment, this report can be used to identify the size of market share of each category and the current penetration levels of the brands in each market.
  • Looking for preferred partnership options, This report can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions regarding which brand(s) to partner with if you’re looking in the key distributor space.

For Agencies

  • looking to run effective marketing campaigns, this report can be used to map out the location(s) of your target audience so you can maximize the level of penetration of your campaign(s).

If you find yourself in any of the categories above, and you would like to gain more insight into how to strengthen your brand position, kindly request for a session with us or click here to subscribe